IR Images
Sample Report Disconnect Receiver
Comprehensive Infrared Report
Your Name
Problem 3
Component  "B" Phase, Disconnect Receiver
Equipment Cell "P4" @ MCC1
Location Boiler Room
Possible Problem Loose or Dirty Disconnect Receiver
Special Note
Date of Survey December 22, 1999 Time exception was located 0847
Survey By Dale Southworth Certification Number 3018

Temperature Analysis of Infrared Image
Problem Temperature
Degrees Fahrenheit
Degrees Centigrade
Ambient Temperature
Degrees Fahrenheit
Degrees Centigrade
Temperature Rise
Degrees Fahrenheit
Degrees Centigrade

Temperature Rise Classification Table

Minor Level Monitor
1-18 F°
.5-9.5 C°
Intermediate Level Repair Next Scheduled Maintenance 
10.5-35 C°
Serious Level Schedule For Repair As Soon As Possible
64-128 F°
35.5-71.1 C°
CRITICAL LEVEL Critical, Repair Immediately 
>129 F°
>71.6 C°
When phase is stated in this report, unless otherwise indicated or marked, "A" top, "B" center and "C" Bottom and from the front of the equipment "A" left, "B" center and "C" right. This is to simplify this report and reduce the chance for errors. DEDICATED TO UNSURPASSED QUALITY IN THE SCIENCE OF INFRARED

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