Infrared Services, Inc. was formed in 1997 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  After two years in business the owners choose to close the business.  Mary Southworth C.P.A. and Dale Southworth bought the assets of Infrared Services, Inc.  Mary formed InfraTek, Inc. and keep the trade name of Infrared Services, Inc.  Dale conducts the surveys and work closely with customers and clients.  Mary, being a Certified Public Accountant has a good handle on the company management.  InfraTek, Inc. is a woman own business. 


Infrared Services, Inc. has conducted work for many major companies as well as numerous other companies.  Examples are Lockheed Martin, Ball Corporation, Ball Aerospace, Coors Brewing, Coors Ceramics, Anheuser-Bush Brewing Company, Amax Mining and Mineral, Louisiana-Pacific, Campbell Soup Company, Goodyear Rubber Company, Gates Rubber Company, Ampex, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, IBM, Lexmark International, Toshiba, United States Air Force, US Federal Government, Colorado State Government…….

"Dedicated to Unsurpassed Quality in the Science of Infrared"

Infrared Services is dedicated to top quality service with the experience to back it up. Dale Southworth has extensive experience in electrical, mechanical, power, heating systems, energy audits, roof moisture surveys, snow melt systems, oil field, chemical plants, refineries, control systems and research and development projects. Dale was trained by Snell Infraredă, which is an independent training organization in the industry. A member of American Society for Non-destructive Testing (ASNT) and conformed to the guidelines for Thermal/Infrared Thermography, Level II. Also a member of International Electrical Testing Association (NETA). Dale became a thermographer in 1991 and has been conducting infrared surveys ever since and has many years of experience and has 18 years of experience in building and equipment maintenance, holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Electrical/Electronics Technology.

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Infrared Services is dedicated to quality service with state of the art technology. For this reason we have chosen the FLIR ThermaCAMâ thermal imager whose image quality is unsurpassed in the industry. With this camera image quality is not defined by the number of the pixels, but rather the sensitivity, clarity, and graphics layout. Delivers better imaging performance than any other hand held focal plane array on the market today. Also, ThermaCAM's "data window" puts all the measurement information you need on the screen without covering up valuable image. The thermal sensitivity of this camera is less then 1/10 of a degree centigrade. Images are 12bit, which give you 4,096 individual gradients versus 8bit images that allows you only 256 individual gradients. The camera also offers a digital zoom to get a closer look at objects that are at a distance. The built-in software compensation for atmospheric conditions, making this camera ideal for outdoor use. There are many features on this camera that no other camera offers. This type of platform makes analyzing any problem you may have nearly effortless in the right hands. The report format will be concise and easy to follow but with all the data necessary to assist you in determining the priority of work needed.

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